36"x36"x4" "Jícara Shells Turquoise"

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Jícara is the name of a gourd bowl made in Miahuatlán, a rural village in the southern state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The traditional dried jícara fruit shell has been used for bowls by the region’s native groups for a long time, usually for food or drinking Mezcal.
Jícaras are typically decorated with geometric designs or zoomorphic shapes. Most artists who carve these beautiful and intricate designs grow up with no paper in the house
and learn to "draw" on these shells using hand made tools and skills passed on from generations before.
They sell the bowls to tourists for just a few pesos to help put food on their tables.

***A portion of each sale from the "Jícara shell" series will go to these incredible artisans Miahuatlán , Mexico. ***

These shells are hand painted turquoise glaze highlighting their intricate designs. The canvas is covered in distressed gold leaf with white peeking through. The entire piece is encased in scratch resistance lucite and ready to hang. Each piece is totally custom and designed carefully for the buyer in mind.